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Privacy Policy

The Locksmiths Guild of Australia Incorporated (LGA) recognises the need to protect all personal information that may be collected from members and others from time to time.

The LGA resolves to only collect personal in formation considered necessary to enable the LGA to effectively manage and represent the interests of members and/or to comply with any State, Territory of Federal legislation at the time of collection. Should there be a future requirement for seeking additional personal information from members and others, then this information will be sought at the time it is required.

The LGA resolves not to collect personal information about an individual that may be considered useful at a later date. The reason for collection of personal information from an individual will be recorded before the information is requested.

The LGA will not use any personal information gathered from individuals for any secondary purpose unrelated to the main purpose for which the information was collected unless the individual concerned gives their consent. Individuals may request the LGA disclose what personal information is being kept on file. Reasonable steps will be undertaken to ensure that the personal information held by the LGA is current and up to date.

The LGA warrants that all personal information will be kept safe and secure from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and also against misuse and loss.