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Membership Application

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  • Personal Information
  • Business Information
  • Business Operational Details
  • Licenses and Qualifications
  • Employment Details
  • Referees and Declaration
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Applicants must be nominated by a Locksmiths Guild of Australia (LGA) member. If you do not know any LGA members, please contact the LGA National Office (1800 636 272) for assistance.

This Application Form is divided into several pages. You do not need to fill in sections that do not apply to you.

Type of membership
Qualified locksmiths, operating or managing a locksmithing business.
Business operators working towards full locksmith qualifications.
Manufacturers and distributors of products and services to the trade.
Apprentices in the trade of Locksmithing.
Employed as locksmiths by a locksmithing or other business.
Home Address

Note: this will be used as your Mailing Address unless you elect to use the business address instead.

Home address

Personal Information

In this section you should provide all of your personal information.

Business Information

In this section you should provide all of the public information about your business. 

The name that the Business is publicly known as.
Business address
Tick this box if you wish to use this business address as your Mailing Address instead of your home address.

Business Operational Details

Please provide details about your business structure.

The official name of your business as recorded on your ABN.
Business structure
Your role
List any other locksmithing related organisations that you are a member of.
What percentage of your business is locksmithing?
What percentage of your business is taken up with locksmithing? Use an estimate if not 100%.
If not 100% locksmithing, what other services does your business provide?
Insurance Type Insurer Policy Number
List the details of all your insurance policies (i.e Public Liability, Workers Compensation)

Licenses and Qualifications

A photocopy of your individual security licences must be attached (you can do this on the last page of this form). If you do not have an individual State security licence then you MUST attach a recent National Police Certificate (not older than 30 days at the time of submitting this application).

Copies of your trade or qualification certificates must also be attached.

Individual Security Licence
Firm or Master Security Licence
Have you ever had your security licence revoked?
Qualification Where obtained Date obtained
List your trade / TAFE courses and any other qualifications relevant to Locksmithing.

Employment Details

Provide your employment history for the past five years.

If you are an apprentice then please also provide your current apprenticeship details.

Employer Address Employed as Employment period
List your recent employment history for the past 5 years. For each employer show from and to dates, for example April 2020 - August 2022.
Apprenticeship details (if currently an Apprentice)

Referees and Declaration

Please provide details of two referees who have agreed to provide you with a reference, and who are prepared to be contacted by the LGA.

Name of referee Business Name Business Address Telephone number

The Locksmiths Guild of Australia Incorporated (LGA) recognises the need to protect all personal information that may be collected from members and others from time to time.

The LGA resolves to only collect personal in formation considered necessary to enable the LGA to effectively manage and represent the interests of members and/or to comply with any State, Territory of Federal legislation at the time of collection. Should there be a future requirement for seeking additional personal information from members and others, then this information will be sought at the time it is required.

The LGA resolves not to collect personal information about an individual that may be considered useful at a later date. The reason for collection of personal information from an individual will be recorded before the information is requested.

The LGA will not use any personal information gathered from individuals for any secondary purpose unrelated to the main purpose for which the information was collected unless the individual concerned gives their consent. Individuals may request the LGA disclose what personal information is being kept on file. Reasonable steps will be undertaken to ensure that the personal information held by the LGA is current and up to date.

The LGA warrants that all personal information will be kept safe and secure from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and also against misuse and loss.



I declare that all information supplied by me in this application for membership of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. ("the LGA") is true and correct in every details.

I agree to, and give full authority to the LGA, for any enquiry concerning such information.

I agree to accept, without explanation, the decision of the LGA concerning my application.

I agree to abide by the LGA Constitution and the LGA Code of Practice (and the LGA Code of Conduct for Queensland Security Firms if applicable). The Code of Practice and Code of Conduct for Security Firms are accessible on this website.

Please make sure you have attached all applicable documents:

  • Photocopies of all Licences, or photocopy of National Police Certificate
  • Copies of your Trade and Qualification Certificates
  • Copies of Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance.

Maximum 8 files.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, odf, pdf, .
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