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Certified Practising Locksmiths

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The Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. (LGA) is leading the way in the craft of locksmithing with their Certified Practising Locksmith Programme (CPL).

Certified Practising Locksmiths have demonstrated that they have appropriate trade and other training, trade experience, involvement in the Guild activities and the locksmith community generally to be able to provide the best customer service available.

There has been much comment in recent time amongst the locksmith fraternity about issues associated with security licensing, recognition of trade training and competency, together with the effect of unqualified handymen and others on our craft.

The LGA has been pro-active with a strategy designed to lift the standing of their locksmith members amongst themselves, the general community and others.

In the major Australian States, security licences are now required for certain access control, safe and commercial locksmith work.

As locksmiths, we have been aggrieved that this licensing regime has not incorporated any requirement for trade training and/or competency to qualify for a security licence. The rationale for licensing certain locksmith activities has been to protect the general public but is open to non- trade qualified persons who are not locksmiths. Any person, even handymen can qualify for a security licence to provide security advice and install security systems.

The LGA Certified Practising Locksmith Programme for locksmiths ensures that they have the training and experience to provide professional customer service.

To apply for accreditation as a Certified Practising Locksmith please contact the LGA National Office.